Matt Restless

Danish hardcore producer and DJ


Danish producer and DJ in hardcore music.


With having played at more then 50 parties and having released over 15 tracks Matt Restless could be considered as a veteran in the scene. But the fact is that Mathias (Matt Restless) was born in 1986 in Roskilde, Denmark, so he is still at an early age. During his childhood Matt was exposing his passion for music and he learned to play piano and guitar. He started to produce dance music and in 2006 the first release was a fact.





With projects like Two Hawks (with DJ Thera), Techpoint (with Morten Berg) and Maresse (with Hardfactor), Matt Restless shows his diverse interest in the harder dance music and DJ wise Matt Restless plays every hard dance style from techstyle till (industrial) hardcore.


In 2009 Matt Restless released And It Goes at Dutch label Theracords which became one of the biggest releases on the label. From this release on it became clear that Matt brings his own unique style which is best described as a mixture of acid, hardstyle and (industrial) hardcore.


In fall 2011 and spring 2012 Matt had his own after school class for young people in the age of 12 to 18 where he tought them how to become a DJ using CD players.


Mathias' partners in different projects:

Matt Restless

Techpoint -- With Morten Berg

Two Hawks -- With Pieter Heijnen aka DJ Thera

Maresse -- With Hardfactor

Mattfactor -- With Hardfactor


To see which albums etc. Matt's tracks appear on, feel free to visit his Discogs-profile.

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Matt Restless has spun at venues with artists such as Promo, Angerfist, Deepack, Vortex, Tatanka, Yves Deruyter, Warmduscher, A*S*Y*S, Jimmy The Sound, Patrick Bunton, DJ Choose, DJ Lee, DJ Dean, Trentemøller, Rune RK, Hampenberg and many more.